Sunday, June 29, 2008

Entry 005 : First session review

Murtabak man with eggs at the ready

Thanks to all that turned up for this weekend's first session. I had a great time meeting and knowing a bit about you. Its nice to know all of us share a passion, and that is 'photography', the art of writing with light! Be it landscapes like Siew Li, food with Tracy, travel with Roziah, or those dark cloudy scenes from Amelia, thanks for sharing with each other your personal images...all of you.

I know some of you view the mini assignment with trepidation, but it should be fun and if you put in the effort I promise it will be worthwhile! I walked around the area a little after Saturday's session and stumbled upon an Indian barber on the main road named 'Stylo'. Managed to chat with barbers in there and reeled of a few shots in the tiny cramp salon. I love the old barber's chairs and neatly arranged coloured hair tonic and gels on the glass shelves, harking back perhaps 20-30 years ago and of course the Brylcreem logo. This exercise will help you to develop your observational skills, noting the detail rather than the whole picture.

Torn wall poster and graffiti

A couple of you toyed with the ancient Rolleiflex, Elmery and Li Ling. Hope you discover the joys of using a really old camera and film, just like Diane Arbus did!

I may be shooting the streets one early evening this week, if anyone wants to come along you are welcome,..probably Tuesday or Wednesday around 6-ish..