Monday, June 2, 2008

Entry 001

My, where has the year gone.

Its already June and I am still remembering New Year's celebration, the General Elections.. all that seems like ages ago. I digress,..back to the task in hand. I am just awaiting confirmation from Pang at Central Market Annexe if I can hire a small room for our workshop for both weekends. Failing that, I have Plan B, although that isn't in Central KL. I am sorting out an LCD projector also. If anyone happens to have an LCD projector lying around at home, not being used to watch the Euro 2008 football that week that would be fantastic.

I am currently working out the program which will hopefully be interesting enough for all of you. Now, I don't know how much each of your abilities, expectations differ, so it would be great to do a quick survey beforehand. That way, I can try to accommodate all.

Please answer these questions below and just post a comment say by the end of this week? Much obliged.

Q1. Type of camera you use regularly? How long have you been making photographs? Since school days? Joined college photo club? Absolute beginner? Just bought your camera? etc...(don't list down all your gear, just the camera!)

Q2. What skills would like to improve on? eg. using your camera? photographing people and portraiture, architecture, street, landscapes, anything? etc..

Now, the trick question...

Q3. How much do you know or admire about 'photography' in general? Were you inspired by any great artists / photographer / journalists / writers / magazines or that 'one' image which led you to photography? Do you want to know? or not bothered?

Q4. What is your 'next' level in terms of photography? i.e. your goal say in 12 months, 18 months, 5 years

Thanks, looking forward to your feedback.