Sunday, June 1, 2008

Introductory photo workshop in KL

Update 0800 hrs 020608 List update (see below)

Hello to all that have responded to my posting regarding the workshop. I will post all updates about the workshop here in this blog so please provide feedback and comments here only.

This blog will provide a quick and efficient way to keep in touch and subsequent communications may be monitored. Also it would be a great way to post individual's project work in progress.

So far as of the end of the weekend, I have the following people that have registered :

1. Wilson Chin
2. Jan Andris
3. Tracy Tan
4. Chew
5. Daren Chong
6. Roziah
7. Cindy to replace Beyond (Jason)
8. Benjamin Gan
9. Jacky
10. Spiel Chow
11. Danny Yeo
I will have to close the list now, as its already 3 persons more than I would prefer. If there are more requests, then I will have to work out another session if possible, and there would be a fee of RM150 per person.

The tentative dates for the workshop will be Sat 28 June and Sat 5 July in the afternoon. The finer details I will post once I have the venue confirmed. If anyone cannot make these dates, please tell me immediately, so that I can offer your place to someone else.

Tentative unconfirmed session (RM150 per person) :

1. Akmar
2. Choo aka AlanC
3. dkbu