Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Entry 002 : Workshop details


Things have moved on quicker than I thought. I have finalised the venue and its going to be at The Annexe, Central Market starting from 1 - 6pm. The dates are Saturdays 28 June and 5 July.

A second 'Sundays' workshop is being set up as I type this, with the help of The Annexe also, but that will be a fee paying one.

I've got feedback from nearly all of you, thanks. Quite a few of you wanted some guidance in composition and general improvement in getting more impactful pictures. A couple like to shoot weddings and Tracy like food photography. Roziah likes travel, Cindy likes smoky sceneries, and a few like portraiture. So,.. this is the program we will work with. Andre Kertesz the great French master once said,
''A photographer must learn to photograph everything.'' This is essentially true.

Since my main field is art, people and street photography I will work from these angles.

Getting the basics right is important. So I will be doing 2 practical sessions, one is street photography and the other is simple studio portraiture. I will touch on how to use the camera efficiently in public, grab stealth shots, etc.

1st Session

~ Introductions

~ Show Portfolios (see below*), discuss strengths and weaknesses.

~ Slideshow to illustrate visual concepts and influences.

~ Slideshow and discussion on participants' preparatory images.(see below**)


~ Set Assignment for 2nd Session : Create a photo-essay from a maximum of 10 images. Be creative and tell a story.(see below***)

~ Hands-On 1 : Camera handling techniques, street photography and environmental portraits.(see below****)

"I think photographing people is simply a question of treating people with dignity and respect, and getting comfortable with people and enjoying talking with them and being with them. Often a sense of humour can work wonders with putting people at ease and making them relaxed." Steve McCurry


2nd Session

~ Review and discuss photo-essays.


~ Hands-On 2 : Simple studio portraiture (see below*****)

~ Review and Feedback



Please bring :

1. Gear - I almost always advocate minimal equipment. Please bring a camera and one lens, preferably a fixed lens, non-zoom if you have. 28mm, 35mm or 50mm. If none, just bring your standard zoom. Memory card or those using film, film!

2. I am sure all of you will have a pen-drive? If not go buy one its very cheap. This is the best way to show your work by projection via my laptop. If you want to show prints instead, then please print them at least A4 size. Can't bear looking at postcard sized prints.

3. Food and drink (!)


* Portfolios : Please bring, either as prints or in pendrive (jpeg files, sized to about 800 pixels longest dimension), about 10 - 15 photographs. These can be a series or individual images, don't just bring the 'best of' from your collections, but rather, give it some thought, about the images that represents you, that shows focus and a line of thought. (Caveat : no waterfalls or sunsets! Unless its your forte)

** Prepared images : This is your homework before you start. Use the internet or books, to research into 1 or 2 photographers whose works you admire in whatever field you have an interest in, eg. flower photography, landscapes, documentary, portraits etc. Read up their bio, and pick out and copy up to 10 images of their work onto your pendrive and we can all share. Be prepared to say why you like or dislike their works, how you would approach the same subjects, or why you can't. Find out a bit more about the photographer, how he/she started, what are their best works, etc. Talk about this for about 5 minutes per person.

*** Photo-essay : This is the assignment for the 2nd session. We will set the theme at the first session.

Hands-On 1 : We will approach this 'professionally' like an editorial demand for pictures. As we are situated in the heart of KL, there are many opportunities to photograph what is unique to KL., people, faces, street vendors, traders, colonial architecture, colours, moods, signs, etc

***** Hands-On 2 : Portraiture is one of the basic skills in photography. I intend to use a very basic set up one just one continuous tungsten light source. We will photograph each other or you can bring along a friend/family/grab someone off the street, to be your sitter. Experiment with exposure, shadows, highlights and compositions.

Some interesting resource websites :