Sunday, July 6, 2008

Entry 007 : Assignment reviews

To all of you who attended the Introductory workshop over the last two weekends, thank you for coming and making the effort in doing your assignments.

This brief 'KL Essentially' is a good exercise to make you actually plan and think about what you want to photograph within a certain fixed time-frame, and also about editing your work and sticking to the brief. Most of you covered the suggested areas, eg Chinatown, Masjid India areas mainly, and a few ventured out further to Bukit Bintang, KLCC and even Sentul.

Overall, I felt that most of you could have focussed more on the brief, and shot images that you would want to see in a trendy magazine of the style suggested, rather than just photographed whatever you saw during your walkabouts. It would also possibly help if you did not go around in groups to capture your pictures, as this tend to bring out repetitive and unoriginal images. In street photography, the inquisitiveness and exploratory nature of the 'lone' photographer can be quite rewarding most times.

Quite a lot of photographs lacked the 'impact' or feel of the brief, being just ordinary street scenes which was not locationally identifiable and hence could not be used.

There were however some great shots, and these I have picked out below from each of you. Well done all!

I am looking at these :

a) Is the photograph good in terms of visual impact, uniqueness and composition.
b) Photographic content, ie. would it make a good editorial image purely adhering to the brief.








Siew Li








Li Ling

Li Ling


I thought Jan's photograph of the young couple in the bus is worthy of a mention. It was a grab shot, sneaked in, and the framing is pretty perfect, just getting the bus driver in the frame on the left, and the couple to the far right edge. Study the image closer and you will appreciate its complexities in terms of composition, spontaneity of the shot and the facial expressions of the couple. The 'decisive moment' is captured.