Monday, July 7, 2008

Entry 008 : Documenting The Mural

Update : 10 July

Li Ling and Jerrica will be meeting me up on Sunday instead, 9:30am at Starbucks, GF, Berjaya Times Square. All welcome, but please let me know beforehand, to avoid waiting around, or missing each other.

Update : 8 July

I did a 30 minute walk around the prison walls today and it looks like it may be possible to go right around the jail although only two flanks on Jalan Pudu and Hang Tuah contain paintings. There are approximately 50 'panels' on each flank with the famous landscape painting.

The Jalan Pudu flank may be difficult to photograph as the pavement is narrow so you will need to stand on the raised central divider and use a 50mm lens to fill the frame with one panel. Being on the other side of the road, you will get cars blocking your view.

I plan to start the photographing this Saturday 12th July, early morning if anyone is keen to be part of project, say 9am? We can divide the flanks amongst whoever turns up. We can meet at Berjaya Times Square Starbucks (Imbi Monorail) at 9am as its only a shot walk from there. If you can't make this date, but want to be in the project, then arrange to go and photograph the mural in your own time. Perhaps after a month, we can start collecting images and edit them. Please do post a response here if you are coming on Saturday.

Original posting

Thought I post a couple of photos snapped last weekend. The first photo is incomplete as several of you could not make it on the Saturday.

Documenting the Pudu jail mural : We discussed this over some fried mee and drinks after Sunday's session, as a group. I suggested that it would be a great project for someone to do, as Pudu Jail has been earmarked for demolition soon (timescale unknown, but it is iminent, as reported in the media 2 months ago), and perhaps it could be a medium term group project for the workshop participants, whoever is interested. The objective is to photograph the outside painted wall mural in its completeness and produce a really 'cool' book. All credits will be given to participating photographers.

I will do a recce at the site over the next few days and see if public access can be obtained for all four sides of the exterior walls. Updates later..also suggestions welcome..