Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Entry 011 : Progress report

Hi Jo, Li Ling, Roziah and Jerrica,

This is a short post to say that everyone involved in the photography of the Mural has completed the picture taking bit. I owe all a sincere thanks in making the effort to approach this project thoughtfully and as systematically asyou have done. Li Ling and Joanna managed to gain access to the Berjaya Times Square offices overlooking the Pudu Jail to obtain some bird's eye view shots of the entire prison from that angle. I have also contacted an art reviewer Farah Ismail who manages the Aicon Gallery in London who, being Malaysian also, has indicated that she would be happy to write a brief review of the painting in terms of the art and aesthetics of the entire mural.

As for tracking down the original ex-inmate artists, we have had no luck as yet. Once I receive all your images I will begin the layout design.